Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Qui est derrière toi?

Now that i've moved to Ottawa, it's so hard to find CD's and cassettes (yes I still have them lol) of African music. If I really want a CD, I have to travel to Montreal or Toronto to get most of the CD's I want aren't available for purchase online, or the full track isn't available. :( But being a broke student, that's not very often. *hint, hint* lol
I was trying to be cheap and look for torrents and downloads of it but there weren't any.

Anyways moving on, Ferre Gola is one of my favorite Congolese singers at the moment, and as promised in an earlier post about Ferre Gola, here's some tracks from his latest album "Qui est derrière toi?" which is a 2 CD album. Mehn, the way I had to SEARCH for this album no be small! Kai! That's how much I love his music, even though I don't understand what the hell he's saying. The CD as in the majority of Congolese CDs these days is a blend of the fast-tempo Ndombolo and slower Rumba tracks.

1. 3 ème doigt
2. Generique bokoko
4. Match Eza Wooh
5.Qui est derrière toi?
6. Je t'attend
7. Diki Diki
8. Kamasutra
10. Zazou
11.Andy Mputu
12. Insuline