Friday, November 27, 2009


*eats last chunk of fufu* ....ahem.....

One of my favourite artists, Frederic Ehui- better known as Meiway- rules dance floors all over Africa. Using zoblazo (a catchy rhythm from southern Cote d'Ivoire), Meiway has invented his own signature style throughout a career that has spanned more than 15 years. He sings in N'zema (a language spoken in Cote D'Ivoire as well as in Ghana) and French. Enjoy!!


1. Fidelite- Papillon ft Meiway
2. Emeraude
3. Appolo
4. Ayibebou
5 .Les Genies Vous Parlent
6. Cellulaire
7. 300% Zoblazo
8. Miss Lolo
9. Kalaboule Man
10. Prends Mais Laisse

Meiway Download

Friday, October 30, 2009

African "Rave" Music

Man it's been a while since I posted something.....
School. Bills. Rent. You know how it is lol.

Anyways, over the past few years many new genres of "rave" music have started from all over Africa including Kuduro, Hiplife, Coupe Decale, Kwaito and so on.
They all have something in common. It's about freedom of expression. It's about youth spilling onto the dance-floor and experimenting with a wave of old and new sounds and of freedom of association. It's all about escape from the hardships of life. Life is tough in the motherland, sh*t it's not easy being a youth in general wherever you live.
Y'all know when you're sick of life and you HIT the dance-floor, all your problems just melt away (Well it's true for me..I don't know about you lol). If you know me very well... I DANCE my problems away lol.
Here's a collection of some of my favourite tunes right now that I blast in my speakers...whether i'm in the library gettin' my learn on, or in my room bored as hell.

Here we go:

1. Zingolo (South Rakkas Crew Remix) - Tinny (Ghana)
2. Kwata-Kwata - DJ Eridson (Angola)
3. Wena - Esau Mwamwaya (Malawi)
4. Logobi (instru) - Zaza Twins (Cote D'Ivoire/France) *this beat is too sick!
5. Decale Mon Afrique - DJ Vielo (Cote D'Ivoire)
6. Kaggua - Ku-Bo ft Tshila (Uganda/Austria)
7. Sane Eba - Zakee Kuduro ft. Anbuley (Ghana/Austria/Philly)
8. Un Gaou a Oran - Magic System ft 113 & Mohamed Lamine (Cote d'Ivoire/Algeria/Mali/France)
9. Straight 2 Your Head - Lil Kenny (Zimbabwe/USA)

>>African "Rave" Music Download<<

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Congolese Divas


This post is 2nd of a series of posts focusing on divas of the African continent (1st post being Malian Divas).



1. Mina Kupenda - Vonga Aye
2. Koumba - Tshala Muana
3. Femme Commercante - Mpongo Love
4. Massu - Jolie Detta & Yondo Nyota
5. Nakei Nairobi - M'bilia Bel
6. Kupepe Suka - Abeti Masikini
7. C'est Dur la vie D'une Femme Celibataire - Baniel & Nana
8. Bazo - Yondo Sister

Congolese Divas Download

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Petit Pays!

Cameroon stand UP!

In honor of Petit-Pays doing a series of concerts in North America (so excited!!), here's his 2nd album and one of my favourites "Ancien Parigo":

A lil' background info taken from :

Behind the artist name of Petit Pays is Adolphe Claude Moundi, born in Douala (Cameroon) in 1967. He started early playing music, but also studied law in Paris. Petit Pays has had a professional music career since the late 1980's when he teamed up with the producer Eyabé Kwedi. He has written hundreds of songs and several has become big hits, first of all in Cameroon and West Africa. On many albums Petit Pays plays with his band called "Les Sans Visas" (The Sans Visa International).

The numerous albums of Petit Pays are first of all dance music influenced by Makossa, Soukous, the more slow and sensual Zouk and sometimes a little touch of salsa. Makossa is the traditional music originating from the Douala region of Cameroon. The lyrics are often quite steamy, but that probably doesn't do any damage to his popularity.

>>>Ancien Parigo Download <<<

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Malian Divas

Here's a collection of traditional Malian music sung by some of Mali's prominent female musicians. These songs feature the 'kora', a harp-like instrument dominant in traditional Malian music, and the balafon, which is like a xylophone, also common to Malian music. These women have such amazing me you'll be blown away. Word. Oh and some of the songs were ripped straight from cassettes, so if the volume is a bit low, don't worry, it's not your computer messing up.

P.s: That's Oumou Sangare in the picture. Isn't she beautiful? ;)

1. Anka Mali Ba - Djeneba Seck
2. Santolema - Sadio Kouyate* (my favourite :) )
3. Korodia - Na Hawa Doumbia
4. Na - Ramata Diakite
5. Guede - Kandja Kouyate
6. Kanimba - Siramori Diabate
7. Akafo - Oumou Sangare
8. Farafina Mousso - Naimy Diabate
9. Astou Damba - Djamy Kouyate
10. Djeneba Diallo - Tata Bambo Kouyate

Malian Divas Download

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Rough Guide to Coupe Decale

On va coupé, on va danser ....
Get ready to JAM!


1. Aladji - Jeff Bongolo Bango
2. Fete a Saga - Douk Saga
3. Wolosso - Dollar DJ
4. Seka Seka - DJ Mareshal
5. Sentiment Moko - DJ Kaloudji
6. Bobaraba - DJ Eloh & DJ Mix
7. Les Bienfaiteurs - Dino Malachie
8. Faire le Cho - Anaconda
9. Kpangor - DJ Arafat ft Debordo
10. Améliore ta Vie - DJ Molokai
11. Sans Guèbè - Doliziana Debordo ft Majistral DJ
12. Coupé-Tué - Les Tueuses
13. Coupe Decale Crunk - The Bird ft Mano 2 Mano
14. Dans la Foret du Congo - DJ Kedjevara

A Rough Guide to Coupe Decale Download

Friday, June 19, 2009

Koffi Olomide! "Mopao Mokonzi"

This man's a LEGEND in Congolese and African music in general. He has dominated music charts across the continent and abroad with a combination of his deep baritone voice, sophisticated arrangements, lively beats, and his blending of old school Congolese rumba with a new-school twist. To sum it up...he's just AMAZING. He has 50 + albums to his credit and a career spanning over 30 years, and the man is still making music.

He's one of my favorite singers of all time...word up!

Here's a rough guide to Koffi's music:

Koffi Olomide Download

1. Loi
2. Tsiane
5. Ma Fille
6. Roseau
7. Silivi
10. Longitima Skol
11. Papa Plus
12. Elixir
13.Classe Tendresse

Friday, June 12, 2009

African Rebel Music: Roots, Reggae and Dancehall

Presenting hits from 10 countries ‘African Rebel Music – Roots reggae and dancehall’ gives a preview of the reggae dancehall movement in Africa. Get ready to dance! Heba!!


1.Owange RMX - Peter Miles (Uganda)
2.Africa Unite - E.A.R.B.C. (Kenya/Uganda)
3.Bad Boy - 994 Crew (Mauritania)
4.TonTon D'America - Tiken Jah Fakoly (Cote D'Ivoire)
5.Wachita Over - Leo Muntu (Zambia)
6.Handsome - Prince Dully Sykes (Tanzania)
7.African - H2O - (featuring Zubz) (South Africa)
8.Sensimilia - Mad Melon/Mt. Black (Nigeria)
9.Bless My Room - Necessary Noize (Kenya)
10.Wouty Zion - Baay Sooley - (featuring Carlou D/Country Man) (Senegal)
11.One Vive One Flow Pt. 2 - Bantu/PBS (Nigeria/Senegal)
12.Wooyo - Alif (Senegal)
13.We Must Rebel - Rebellion The Recaller - (featuring Suns Of Light) (Gambia)
14.Shashamane on My Mind - Sydney Salmon & The 12 Tribes Of Israel Band (Ethiopia)
15.Gatyeni - Teba (South Africa)
16.Love Somebody - Small Axe (Uganda)
17.Lambori - Batman - (featuring Gogome) (Ghana)

African Rebel Music Download

Monday, June 8, 2009

Tribute to Kofi Ghanaba a.k.a Guy Warren

One of Ghana's most prolific drummers; Kofi Ghanaba (Guy Warren, Kpakpo Kofi Warren Gamaliel Harding Akwei), drummer and journalist, was born 4 May 1923 and died 22 December 2008.

Taken from the Journal of African Music and Popular Culture:

As a composer, drummer, and flutist Ghanaba recorded several other long playing records, most of them in the 1950s and 1960s, among them Themes For African Drums (1958), The African Soundz of Guy Warrren of Ghana (1960), African Rhythms - The Exciting Soundz of Guy Warrren and his Talking Drums (1962), Emergent Drums (1963) and Afro-Jazz (1969). He became known in America for introducing the obonu drum to Jazz, a drum then referred to as “Talking Drum”. It had been unknown to Jazz before. Ghanaba was among the first to search for the creative possibilities of blending/and (re)connecting (African-American) Jazz with African or better Ghanaian modern popular as well as traditional music long before this became a creative powerhouse for many other musicians from Africa as well as the Americas.

In honor of his life, here's the full album Themes for African Drums - The Guy Warren Sounds (1958):
Themes for African Drums Download

Friday, June 5, 2009

Special Request: Kanda Bongo Man

This album is a more up-beat compilation of Kanda Bongo Man's first two albums "Iyole" (1981) and "Djessy"(1982) released in 1990. I'm feelin' the album cover work lol
Also, check out Diblo Dibala's guitarwork ... mehn!! You gotta love that Soukous guitar.

Download link: Non-stop

Watch out for another Kanda Bongo Man post in the near future.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Reggae from Around di Worl'

1. Bloodshed in Africa - Alpha Blondy (Cote D'Ivoire)
2. Love Me - Lucky Dube (South Africa) R.I.P :(
3. In Ghana - Rocky Dawuni (Ghana)
4. Alou Maye - Tiken Jah Fakoly ft Saramba Kouyate (Cote D'Ivoire)
5. Promised Land - Majek Fashek (Nigeria)
6. Roots Ragga - Kreyol Syndikat (France)
7. Jamaica Brasileira - Tribo de Jah (Brazil)
8. Liberation - Morgan Heritage (US/Jamaica)
9. Life - Dub Incorporation ft Tiken Jah Fakoly (France/Cote D'Ivoire)
10. Wadjou - Askia Modibo (Mali)

Reggae from around di' worl' download

Sunday, May 31, 2009

A.B Crentsil

A.B (Alfred Benjamin) Crentsil is one of Ghana's greatest highlife musicians. His career began in the 1960s as a member of El Dorado's Sweet Talks and the Ahenfo band. His many hits include (Anyen) Devil, Moses, I go pay you tomorrow and Papa Samo. Anyway here are some of his songs for your enjoyment:

Serekeye Duku

Papa Samo

I Go Pay You Tomorrow


Anyen (Devil/Witch)

Angolan Kuduro

Kuduro is the name of the genre of electronic-dance music from Angola which started in the late 80's-early 90's. It began with Angolan DJ's experimenting by mixing soca, techno, traditional Angolan music and calypso to create a new unique sound. You haven't heard anything like this... all I can tell you is that it's DOPE! Here are some tracks for your listening pleasure:

Endjuko Tipuluke - Bruno M

Sem Maneiras - DJ Patrick

Zuata-Zuata - Puto Prata

Fiquei Malaiki - Os Turbante

Sentem - DJ Bobo J