Sunday, July 26, 2009

Petit Pays!

Cameroon stand UP!

In honor of Petit-Pays doing a series of concerts in North America (so excited!!), here's his 2nd album and one of my favourites "Ancien Parigo":

A lil' background info taken from :

Behind the artist name of Petit Pays is Adolphe Claude Moundi, born in Douala (Cameroon) in 1967. He started early playing music, but also studied law in Paris. Petit Pays has had a professional music career since the late 1980's when he teamed up with the producer Eyabé Kwedi. He has written hundreds of songs and several has become big hits, first of all in Cameroon and West Africa. On many albums Petit Pays plays with his band called "Les Sans Visas" (The Sans Visa International).

The numerous albums of Petit Pays are first of all dance music influenced by Makossa, Soukous, the more slow and sensual Zouk and sometimes a little touch of salsa. Makossa is the traditional music originating from the Douala region of Cameroon. The lyrics are often quite steamy, but that probably doesn't do any damage to his popularity.

>>>Ancien Parigo Download <<<

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