Thursday, July 9, 2009

Malian Divas

Here's a collection of traditional Malian music sung by some of Mali's prominent female musicians. These songs feature the 'kora', a harp-like instrument dominant in traditional Malian music, and the balafon, which is like a xylophone, also common to Malian music. These women have such amazing me you'll be blown away. Word. Oh and some of the songs were ripped straight from cassettes, so if the volume is a bit low, don't worry, it's not your computer messing up.

P.s: That's Oumou Sangare in the picture. Isn't she beautiful? ;)

1. Anka Mali Ba - Djeneba Seck
2. Santolema - Sadio Kouyate* (my favourite :) )
3. Korodia - Na Hawa Doumbia
4. Na - Ramata Diakite
5. Guede - Kandja Kouyate
6. Kanimba - Siramori Diabate
7. Akafo - Oumou Sangare
8. Farafina Mousso - Naimy Diabate
9. Astou Damba - Djamy Kouyate
10. Djeneba Diallo - Tata Bambo Kouyate

Malian Divas Download

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