Saturday, June 9, 2012

Koffi Olomide - Abracadabra

Koffi Olomide's latest album "Abracadabra" has created a LOT of controversy after it's January 7th release. According to a Congolese blogger named Alex Engwete:

"On January 7, the date of the release of "Abracadabra" in Paris, pro-Tshisekedi supporters threatened to burn down the entire city block housing African music shops if these dared to put on their shelves the accursed CD.
In Kinshasa, where the launch of the album was preceded by a costly massive citywide billboard campaign, the official release of the album took place on Saturday, January 14, at the "Salon Congo" of the Grand Hôtel, with Olomide's press conference. Even at this secure venue, Olomide had to weather a vicious verbal assault by a reporter from the opposition press who went through a litany of the musician's alleged malfeasance: his "flight" from France to avoid a criminal investigation, and more importantly, his "flattery" of Kabila!" - Alex Engwete 
Merde! :o


But fear not my friends, here's some select tracks from the 2 CD album for your listening pleasure......or not if you're anti-Koffi Olomide/Kabila. 

2. Demande
3. Ekafela
4. Linda Like
5. Medieval
6. Double Mbonda
7. Emballe Moi
8. Matanga