Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fresh 'ish from the Motherland

Why hello there everyone! Yeah, yeah it's been MONTHS since I posted.

*looks around* You know...school...work... the World Cup... depression after Ghana's heartbreaking loss to Uruguay :$%:#:@$ Suarez :@ $#%#......but i'm back! Yay! :) I appreciate the random messages I recieved asking for new songs :)

Anyways over the months i've just been stacking up on new and old music from the motherland and i'll share the love...

Here's a MASH up mix from all corners of the motherland :) ..enjoy!


1. Umsebemzi Wami - DJ What What (South Africa)

2. Ghana Lady - Appietus ft Mframa (Ghana)

3. The Uncomfortable Truth - Nneka (Nigeria)

4. La Danse du Mannequin - Yannick le Mannequin ft Petit Pays (Cameroon)

5. Tchongon Cite - Abou Smith (Cote d'Ivoire)

6. La Jungle - Fally Ipupa (DR Congo)

7. Yaaye - Gorgui Ndiaye (Senegal)

8. Somalia - K'Naan (Somalia)

9. Pike, Pike - DJ Patrick fr Agre. G (Angola)

10. Koune Araafti Mali Entier - Najat Aatabou (Morocco)