Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Daddy Lumba

Chale!!!! This man's a LEGEND in Ghana! Dude's been making tracks from the 80's and he's still going strong! 
With 25 + albums (from what i've counted) under his belt, Daddy Lumba’s albums have yielded more number one and top ten hits than any other Ghanaian musician.......for real! 

I got some select tracks for y'all.... some of my absolute favourites! If you have any requests let me know!

Makoma ho Toffee (roughly translated as my sweetheart) * (this song touches me in a different kind of way!)
Aban Nsa Aka Wo
Made in Ghana
Eye Odo Nti
Odo Beba na Mawu
Ebi Se Eye Aduro
Obi Ate Me so Boo
Nsei Me Din

*Chale means friend in Ga (a language spoken in Ghana)

Download HERE:  Random Daddy Lumba Tracks

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